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A guide to middle east arab countries

Welcome to Aradina online.

A guide to middle east arab countries.

Welcome to Aradina online, an introduction to the major tourist, archaeological and historical sites of the middle east arab countries. From Bahrain Forts, to the perfect combination and modernity of Abu Dhabi, passing through Duba's contrasting sites of its old Spice and Gold Souk, and the popular suburb of Jumeirah's finest hotels and resorts, overlooking stretches of sunny beaches, to the forts of Al Jalali and Al Mirani in Oman.

Be fascinated by Doha's unique Museum of Islamic Art. Take a view of Kuwait from its fantastic Towers situated on the Arabian Gulf. Explore the wonder of the ancient city of Baalbek, walk through the old covered souqs of Damascus and visit the Omayyad Mosque standing at the heart of the old city. Let your eyes admire the magnificent city of Petra, no doubt one of Jordan's most valuable treasures. Fly to Jeddah, the main port of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, main gate through which most of the pilgrims travel to perform the Umrah, the Haj or visit the two holy mosques.

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